MMP Celebrating the Birth of Christ

Mission Ministries Philippines and its partners celebrated the annual Christmas party last December 10, 2022, at the Good News Global Ministries in Pasig. Another joyful event to fellowship with the partners face-to-face. With the theme “Reuniting, Reconnecting, Remembering … The Christ of Christmas

This event is a reunion and Christmas Celebration of partners after the pandemic. For two years, the Christmas party was held online.

Presents and raffle prizes were in abundance from the good and generous hearts of some key people, with special mention to the MMP Officers of Teachers’ Associations and the supervisors.

Pastor Julian Vallente, the head pastor of the Good News Global Ministries, gave the inspirational message. From his message, we should be one just as Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father are one. God sees us as one body of Christ and should work together to achieve His purpose for us.

The gathering was also graced by Pastor Joey Casas, one of the board of Trustees of MMP, and Ms. Zeny Ablang, former Children’s Mission Philippines Team Leader who is now helping MMP in her own capacity.

The partners reunite and reconnect because we remember that Christ is the reason for all these things we do in Mission Ministries Philippines.

Teachers’ Retreat Camp

“Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do” was this year’s theme for the Teachers’ Retreat held last November 4 and 5, 2022 at Onesimo Farm and Campsite in Matalinting, Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

It is MMP’s first in-person activity since the Pandemic ravaged the globe. On this occasion, more than 30 teachers took part. There were games that encouraged teamwork, innovation, and interpersonal interaction. Abilities that the pandemic hindered. The retreat nonetheless demonstrated that a family’s love can always triumph over obstacles and distance.

The highlight of the retreat was the message of Pastor Efren Roxas, former Camp Manager of Onesimus Camp Site and a dear friend of MMP, He is also the husband of Mrs. Becky Roxas, author of Bip-Bip, MMP’s book in Filipino.

The message of Pastor Roxas is to increase one’s adversity quotient as well as their intellectual and emotional quotients. No matter how we feel about it, bad times will come and go. But even when we go through these difficulties, we may overcome them and succeed. In order to be tough, we must switch from asking Why (why is this occurring) to What (what can I learn from this circumstance?). Although following God’s word is not simple, we must recognize the lessons He is trying to impart to us. Awards were given to the 5 groups: WOW, Resilience, F6, Victorious, and Undefeated. The names of each group derived from their experiences and how they were able to face the pandemic.

ECE Batch 2022 Get Together

The new batch of students of the Training Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education or ECE modules finally had their first face-to-face get-together last November 26, 2022, at the Peri Peri Restaurant in SM Megamall.

This was attended by some students that have access to the venue since some students of the ECE are from different places as far as Catanduanes from the South and Isabela from the North and even a student from Jakarta, Indonesia.

It was an opportunity to interact with each other personally. Sharing laughter and best wishes to everyone. The group also agreed that this will be just the start of many get-togethers.

In the course of the Pandemic, this program was inactive since there were no students enrolling. In April of this year, finally, students started enrolling and started the program again.  This program is being offered online.

The Training Certificate Course in Early Childhood Care and Education, a joint program of Mission Ministries Phil. and Asian Theological Seminary was created in response to the growing need of offering quality Early Childhood Care and Education distinguished by a biblical perspective.

A Journey to Transformational Leadership – Dr. Chonabelle Domingo Doctoral Achievement

A graduation is a commendable event. It marks the end of a long journey. And the beginning of another chapter. And every journey tells a lot of stories. There are no journeys without challenges, setbacks, and trials.

 Studying would be one of the most challenging experiences Ms. Chonabelle Domingo faced. She embarked on this journey as part of her being the leader of Mission Ministries Philippines. As the former President and founder of MMP the late, Dr. Stewart De Boer encouraged her to further her studies.

 And who wouldn’t be inspired to take your Doctoral degree when your first class is a tour of Jerusalem. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. But just like the story of Jerusalem, it was not a smooth road to travel. It has its highs and lows.  Just like Moses on whom Ms. Domingo compares her pilgrimage.

 Ms. Domingo finished her degree in DTL or Doctoral in Transformational Leadership. But for her DTL means Divine Transformation of the Lord. In her statement in the dedication and acknowledgment of her paper, she said that it is a humbling transformation of her character as His child and humble servant. This has brought her to her knees to be fully reminded that Jesus is Lord. “ Without Him, I am Nothing, and He is everything! To God be all the glory, honor, and praise” she continues.

Ms. Domingo further said that having a Doctoral attached in her name is just a bonus from God. What is more important are the lessons she has learned from this.

Her paper will be published in Bethel Bible Seminary School’s journal. Dr. Natalie Chan, her adviser, believes in the work MMP is doing and she wants the world to know how early childhood education transform lives.

MMP Visitation of Partners

Most of us have probably experienced difficult times, especially in light of current world events. Many of us have felt isolated, depressed, and despairing during the pandemic’s two years. So, inspired by Christ’s passion and love, MMP employees considered traveling and fellowshipping with our partners.

The staff’s first stop was at Precious Care Tutorial & Learning Center, AGBN Learning Center, JLLC Learning Center, Angels Dream Learning Center, and Eastgate Fruitful Life Learning Center in Montalban and San Mateo, Rizal.

Seeing them in person and learning about their lives was an unforgettable experience. Informing them that we are all family and serve the same God.

When we are sad, having someone by our side makes all the difference. MMP and its partner schools are available to support and encourage one another at every stage of life.

Mrs. Precy Valliente, the president of the MMP officers, has also joined the team.

The staff and officers are looking forward to the upcoming visitation of the partner schools.

Online ECE Training Certificate Relaunched

MMP’s Training Certificate Course in Early Childhood Care and Education was one of the services that were affected by the pandemic two years ago. There were no registrants for this program, perhaps due to uncertainties in time and resource constraints.

After two years of promotion, the program is finally available for this class online via Zoom. The first module, Bible Intro, began on April 23 and May 7, 2022, with lessons beginning on those dates. There were 12 students from different places in the Philippines, as well as Jakarta, Indonesia. The Holistic and Transformational Ministry is now the third module of the ECE Training Certificate. The number of students enrolled has grown.

We had problems, just as we would in any other online class. However, there are advantages as well, such as bringing students from many locations together to learn Childhood Education from a biblical perspective. This is one of the distinctive elements of Mission Ministries Philippines and Asian Theological Seminary’s Training Certificate.

According to the students, learning more about God and the significance of developing a stronger relationship with Him before fulfilling their duty as teachers have been humbling. “In a world of shifting views, Christian Education is steady,” noted one of the professors in the ECE modules. We are not only teachers for our pupils’ futures, but we are also teachers for their eternity.

Enrollment in the Mission Ministries ECE Training Certificate is still open. You can reach us on Facebook at MMP ece or by email at, or by calling Ms. Erlyn Isidro at 09301434780.

Seeking God’s Guidance – MMP’s Prayer Mountain Devotion

Every Christian faith has traditionally emphasized the importance of prayer. “Do not be worried about anything,” Philippians 4:6 reads, “but in every situation, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, submit your requests to God.” MMP has always begun each year in prayer, seeking God’s guidance for the entire year.

The staff, along with MMP supervisors and officials, gathered at Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain in Antipolo City on April 1 and 2, 2022. This was the first opportunity for supervisors and officers to join the team.

We should pray more earnestly than before, as Ms. Chonabelle Domingo stated because times are changing and we need to know God’s will for MMP.

The two-day activity consists of group devotion where each one also shared their own struggles and prayer requests. Personal prayer time and fellowship also highlighted the activity.

Some of the prayers had already been answered when I wrote this story.