Missionary Teachers and Workers


SUPPORT – Field Workers Ministries Fund

The Field Workers Ministry Fund is designated to directly assist Missionaries and Teachers living in the slums, Pastors, and Christian workers who minister in the communities of extreme poverty as part of their daily call to serve.

These workers preach the gospel of Jesus Christ unhindered by the conditions or hostile circumstances, and often in places hostile to safety and health at the risk.

The support that they need is often unique. Sometimes they need money to support basic needs of life, sometimes they need tangible item as tools of ministry. This fund is used to provide direct support to the “Called” workers and their families – those living in direct daily contact with the poorest we serve.

Your contribution to the Field Workers Ministry Fund will help in expanding evangelism in word and deed – in hundreds of locations in the poorest slum communities.

BECOME – A Missionary

Feel God calling you to serve on the mission field with us? Please fill out the form below, email it to the address provided, and we will contact you as soon as possible.