Early Childhood Education

MISSION: CHILD CARE – A Ministry of Mission Ministries Philippines, establishes child learning centers in vulnerable depressed communities – or anywhere there is a need for a quality professional program. As a head start program, we create a primary learning environment that focuses on a child’s natural & adaptive growth patterns. Each learning center is established with Biblical values creating a spiritually nurturing Christ centered learning experience.

Each Learning Center or Initiative we set up follows a Developmentally Appropriate Philosophy advocated by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children – http://www.naeyc.org). Learning centers are established with Biblical values creating a spiritually nurturing Christ centered learning experience for the children.

OUR CENTRAL CORE FOCUS – is the preschool program initiated with a complete and fully structured workflow. A MISSION CHILD CARE Preschool Program is developmentally appropriate in segmenting children into different groups as follows:

  • Toddler 2-3 years
  • Nursery 3-3 years
  • Kinder 4-5 years
  • Prep 5-6 years

Through our Preschool Programs, children will be prepared to become life-long learners.

Through independent exploration, structured and non-structured activities and hands-on, they will develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas like Early childhood Literacy, Mathematics, Science, Civics & Culture.

WE EMPOWER –  and assist individuals, NGOs, churches, and other groups to set-up or enrich their existing programs following a Developmentally Appropriate Philosophy. We work closely with your organization, or team, integrating professional knowledge, training, and hands on assistance.

The totality of our ECE programs include:

  1. Formal
    • Regular Preschool – A formal program for children ages 5-year old. The program should be recognized by the Department of Education & Culture so that the school can issue an LRN (Learner Reference Number) which the child should keep while completing his basic education program.
    • Day Care – A program that caters to children who are not yet of school age. The primary purpose of a daycare center is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children to learn, play, and socialize under the supervision of trained childcare professionals.
  2. Non Formal
    • School Readiness Program (SRP) – This initiative is a nurturing platform crafted to foster the holistic development of children from birth through school entrance age. It places a strong emphasis on enhancing a multitude of skills vital for a child’s comprehensive growth journey.
    • Remedial Reading Program (RRP) – This tailored approach for Struggling Readers offers a specialized intervention meticulously crafted to support children encountering difficulties in reading across various age groups. Moreover, the program extends beyond mere instruction, providing tailored tutorials that address the specific academic challenges faced by each learner, ensuring a comprehensive and effective learning experience.
    • KIDPRENEURSHIP Program (KP) – This special initiative is meticulously crafted to initiate children into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. The curriculum seamlessly blends the principles of entrepreneurship with core values of compassion, stewardship, and other attributes essential for future business leaders. It encompasses diverse subject contents such as Social Studies, Science, Health, Mathematics, Language Arts, and integrates stories of businessmen and prominent figures from scriptures, offering a rich tapestry of knowledge and moral guidance.
    • Developmentally Appropriate Sunday School (DAP SS) – This transformative enhancement to traditional Sunday school classes represents a groundbreaking approach tailored exclusively for children. The innovative Sunday school enrichment program is meticulously designed to offer personalized experiences and lessons that deeply resonate with the unique qualities and talents of every child.
    • Play Based Enrichment Center (PBEC) – This unique and dynamic supplementary activity caters to children who have not yet enrolled in a regular Preschool/Daycare Program. The program revolves around the joy of play, celebrating the individuality, giftedness, and interests of each child. At its core, the Play-Based Enrichment Centre believes that children thrive and absorb knowledge most effectively when they are engaged in enjoyable activities.