Parent’s Education

OUR SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS are designed to strengthen the relationship between a child’s home and school life – to provide consistency in the childcare program and in the child’s life.

Parents are considered as the first teacher of children. They are the most influential person in the child’s life beyond the early childhood years. Working with parents is very important in in striving towards an effective preschool program. Preschool programs can only truly be successful when in close partnership between the home life of a child and the preschool learning environment.

There are many ways of working with parents in the context of a preschool program. And MISSION CHILD CARE is focused heavily on educating parents by providing a direct service to parents in the form of parent’s seminar-workshop and many other learning opportunities.

Our parent education programs are an effective venue where parents and caregivers are provided with activities in which they participate in variety of ways to acquire information to exchange views/insights, and learn how to contribute time and energies that will enrich the children’s experience in their preschool experience