Aid And Scholarship Programs

“Our people must learn to do good by meeting the urgent needs of others – Titus 3:14.

MISSION: CHILD CARE often works in communities where families struggle just to meet their daily needs. We understand the hardship of trying to make ends meet while providing for the school needs of a child. We will help a child succeed in their educational experience – at home or in the classroom. When needs arise we will determine on an individual basis what is best to help a child in need.

As Charity

Often we use our own resources to help a child in poverty. In addition, we have a large network of partner agencies we can further connect a child to acquire the resources they need to live a healthier and stronger daily life. Whether a child or family in need of food, medical, or other basic needs for living, we will find a solution that works.

As Educational Assistance

Book Scholorship (BS) – MISSION CHILD CARE provides special support programs to qualified children who are presently enrolled in any affiliated school. Free of charge, we offer a complete set of year long books to qualified children.

As Encouragment And Motivation

Supplies Scholarship Program (SSP) – We provide school supplies to Mission Ministries Philippines “Prep Movers” who were recognized as the class “Academic Character Excellence Awardees”. The supplies will be given starting from Grade 1 when the child passes set standards.