Community Development & Networking


ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO HELP A CHILD OVERCOME POVERTY –  is to help their community become a better place to grow up in. As we gain more resources, we help provide children, families and communities with access to basic needs – and opportunities that holistically enrich a community lifestyle and living conditions.

ENVIRONMENT ENRICHMENT – is a target goal in regards to the children we serve through MISSION: CHILD CARE, and often leads into helping a community through a course of action in Community Development.

WE ALWAYS SEEK TO MEET THE HOLISTIC NEEDS OF A CHILD – we also connect with other organizations to provide resources for health, livelihood and education of a child’s parents – community partners  – and guardians. MISSION CHILD CARE connects its partner churches to resource agencies. It shares information and provides encouragement to those having the same or similar vision and burden for the poor for the collective good of a child’s environment.

IN PRACTICE – we initiate the development of the social well being of a partner community. We assess and recommend projects that empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to break the cycle of poverty, and turn disadvantage into opportunity. In return they actually effect and aid the positive change within their own communities.

Initiatives that benefit the community at large include: Health programs, Entrepreneurial Business Missions, vocational training schemes, and advanced education opportunities.

WE ENCOURAGE – a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to area problems – for the care of their children – and a holistic transformation in lifestyle, especially in the more economically depressed areas.

OUR FAITH IN JESUS is central to who we are, and we follow His example in working alongside the poor and oppressed. We serve every child’s needs that we possibly can, of any faith, or none. We partner with churches throughout the Philippines, equipping them to meet the needs of their communities in light of the initiatives we establish.