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Mission: Child Care

Mission Ministries Philippines serves community and the poorest by partnering with churches, Non Government Organizations, community based groups and authorized individuals in setting up, or enriching, an existing Early Childhood Development Program.

We believe education is a way out of poverty. Our experience has proven that in order to eradicate the cycle of poverty, many of the poorest children inherit – can only be accomplished by initiating better education choices for children at an early age. This is even more prevalant in the slum communities we serve.

With a commitment to the 4/14 Window Movement (children ages 4 to 14) we also implement initiatives that target children most receptive to receiving the Gospel message of Christ.


All young children in vulnerable communities have access to a quality Christian based primary education and experience.


Partnering with a local church, we equip communities to nurture children so that they grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and with people.


Our faith in JESUS CHRIST is central to who we are. We follow His example in working alongside the poorest.

Educating children out of poverty. Raising the next generation of transformational leaders.


We welcome you to BECOME A HANDS ON COMMUNITY PARTNER in offering EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION to young children, and those who have no other opportunity afforded them! Together, we can build a better future for children.

Do you have a heart focus to set up your own Early Childhood Education Program? Are you in an indigent community where quality education in non-existent or unaffordable? Or, have you already have set-up your own Early Childhood Education program but you don’t have – a good Christian curriculum, quality books, or an education resource that follows the latest trend in Early Childhood Education?

We will help you start, enrich and sustain your Early Childhood Education program.