Staff (ECE)




Co-Founder (MMP / Early Childhood Education)

Educational: PhD in Organizational  Development, Doctor of Ministry  in the Renewal of the Church for  Mission, Master of Science in Social Development, Master of Divinity, Bachelor of Science  in Social Work.


Personal Statement: Both of my parents were educators and they impressed upon me the importance of life long learning and education. My family invested heavily in my higher education and I envision to enable every child to have access to quality Christian education. 

The fullness of my Faith developed as I strived to adhere to the Lausanne Covenant, adopting the Nicene Creed. But simply said – I believe caring for the poorest, while developing a path to provide a more fulfilling life through Jesus, is the most desired result of all God has envisioned with my heart.

I am passionate about following Jesus in His mission to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in word and in deed. I dream of catalyzing a social movement producing leaders who transform themselves, their families and cities for God. I envision to become a catalyst, ushering people to enter the City of God. 


Executive Director (Early Childhood Education)

Educational: Doctor of Transformational Leadership, M.A. in Education (with a major in Guidance & Counseling)


Personal Statement: I grew up in a Christian family and have given my life to serving the Lord, both in our church and as a part of Mission Ministries Philippines (since 1984).

I came to know the Lord in 1983. At that time, I started praying to become a Pastor. However, I was a member of a church where it is believed women are not allowed to preach. I believe the Lord used this circumstance to encourage me to become an early childhood educator, instead of pursuing a Pastoral degree. Now I have the privilege of being a teacher to children, parents & Christian leaders. Indeed God has a better plan.

I believe God has called me out of this world, to be separated for the purpose of serving others, and as His witness, for the building up of the body of Christ.

My heart’s desire is to see non-Christian’s converted to Christianity through Early Childhood Education Programs. I believe this is always possible from the smallest child, to the oldest person, in any community or region God has called me for His purpose.


Program Coordinator / Office Administrator (Early Childhood Education)

Education: B.S. in Business Administration and Office Administration.


Personal Statement: I grew up in a Catholic family out in the province. After graduating high school, I moved to the city of Manila to study at College. This is where I met a Christian classmate who invited me to a Bible believing Church, and I started to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

I honor God’s call to love others as He loves them. But I know this does not reconcile every one with God, so as I strive to love those around me I also look for opportunity to evangelize in Jesus name and offer to the real freedom found in Christ’s salvation.

My passion to serve in the ministry started when I came to know the Lord in 1998. I joined Mission Ministries Philippines in 1999 when Dr. Stewart De Boer (Founder) asked me if I would like to be part of MMP ministry family and “have the privilege to use my spiritual gifts”.

My focus to see children and families to be transformed through Early Childhood Education continues till this day.


Publications Artist (Early Childhood Education)


Personal Statement: I am grateful the Lord had gifted me as an artist and illustrator. Using my talent to help children gives me a purpose in God’s kingdom that helps even the most disadvantaged children learn more. It is fulfilling to know God uses me to help grow the lives of young children.

I am a sinner saved by grace, but I have faith in God and believe what the Lord says. I just want to trust and obey Him. I believe we are all saved to serve and to maintain a good relationship with the Lord, and become an effective steward in the ministry He has given us.

I pray to always be a blessing, give my best and “keep on”.


Communications Director / Missionary

Personal Statement: I have served in urban missions, on staff, and as a missionary abroad, for over 20 years. But my eyes – and heart – were not really opened to the detriment of poverty until I entered the mission field to work among the poorest children – helping to coordinate an effort to feed hungry children throughout the slums.

More than ever now, I remain steadfast to always move forward using whatever gifts, talents, and abilities God has given me – to better the lives of those considered the poorest. Through all my experiences as the hands and feet of Jesus, my prayer to God is to always help others realize a better way through fellowship, knowledge and the transforming power of Christ.

Over the many, often hard, years of rescue mission ministry to the poorest – I don’t consider any position attained, process learned, or knowledge gained – my biggest asset. My greatest value is the insight I have gained by allowing God to condition me through the culture of a front line ministry, which has been more than trying at times – with many unexpected adverse occurrences. Much has been learned and much wisdom has been gained, especially in relation to the intense Spiritual warfare that does dominate in the arena of a ministry called to win the lost for Christ in the light of the Great Commission.

But at the end of the day – I can look in the mirror and humbly say, “So much has been gained… but I am still so far from perfect. Thank you God for still working through a man as unworthy as me. Thank you Jesus for being the strength, mercy and grace that continues to reach out, yearning to make the difference. Thank you for allowing me the reward of fulfillment in your purpose”.