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MISSION MINISTRIES PHILIPPINES CREATES AND PUBLISHES – excellent developmentally appropriate books and materials in early childhood education using the integrated and thematic approach for Nursery, Kinder & Prep.

The contents of these materials have been based on research incorporating new trends, tested procedures, and relevant concerns in early childhood education. All of our publications have been developed in partnership with faculty and consultants from the University of the Philippines.

All of our publications are sold for the purpose of supporting the ministry of educating children and underwrite the cost to operate our charity NGO.

OUR MATERIALS INCLUDE – The following books and are published Nationally targeting children speaking a common language. All concepts translate well into other languages and cultures.

BIP – BIP (Tagalog): (Modified Marunko Approach)- Your child will be reading in one month! Reading is introduced with the children’s first learned language – their “mother tongue”, where the activities and lessons are based on the Marungko Approach that is recognizing the sound of each letter found in the Filipino Alphabet, arranged in series where the child could easily learn at an early stage to form new words, phrases, sentences and stories.

READING MADE EASY – Sequel of the Bip-Bip, which is based on the Fuller Approach; this book aims to provide children with a sure way of learning to read. Drills progress from the word level to the phrase level and eventually to the sentence level. These are followed with drills on answering simple questions. Finally, short stories, which end with a comprehension check, will definitely challenge young minds. All throughout the book, reading with meaning is the goal. Therefore, children learn to read, they do so with meaning and build their vocabulary as well.

MATHEMATICS MADE EASY (Thematic Approach)- Learning Math can be fun for it truly is! When concepts are presented using appropriate strategies, then learning becomes meaningful. The exercises found in this book are intended to validate concepts that are to be initially presented through experiential hands-on activities. The presentation of concepts takes off with a look at the child and progresses towards the child’s growing circle of family, friends and the community she/he finds her/himself in. The introduction of concepts build on previously learned skills, thus, creating a tasted of mastery and success.

The Four Themes Of This Book: 1st quarter – Myself / 2nd quarter – Family / 3rd quarter – Community / 4th quarter – Universe

SCIENCE MADE EASY – is specifically designed for preschoolers who are starting to become aware of the beautiful environment around them. As great explorers of their new world, this work text provides hands-on activities that hone their skills in observing, describing, experimenting, comparing and classifying things.

The “Save the Earth” activities will also encourage the children to love and take care of their environment. This is especially important in a country like the Philippines where over 20 typhoons can occur in any given year – often damaging or destroying the natural habitat. Essential training in raising children to understand the importance taking care of the environment to minimize the effect of natural disasters.

Concepts presented are based on the children’s readiness level, interests and capacity to think and reason. Furthermore, the lessons are presented in a simple to complex approach so that the children can easily grasp step by step the facts learned and thus, give them the love and enthusiasm in learning Science the easy way.

The lessons all about self, living and non-living things, basic needs of man, animals and plants, the earth where we live, the sky, matter and energy are included in the work text.

With the activities provided through learning by doing and by using all the senses, the children will come to realize that Science has been a part of their daily living.

As a result, the children will come to realize that there is a Sovereign God who created all the beautiful things around us.

CIVICS AND CULTURE MADE EASY – Integrated throughout concerning the rights of a child adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations – since 1989.

Easily provides countless opportunities for both the teacher and the student to go on a journey together. This journey leads to new discoveries! This journey allows the teacher and student to view the world from a realistic but positive perspective, thus, challenging both to a clearer understanding of the individual’s role in society.

The activities in this workbook are designed to give opportunities for the student to undergo learning experiences that will target growth in the different developmental areas. Activities will allow the student to think and conceptualize ideas, strengthen emotional and social skills, practice fine and gross motor skills as well as explore interests and abilities in the area of arts and creativity.

The main focus though is in the area of Civics and Culture Made Easy with the following components:

  1. Relationship with Self: Discovering things I can do, discovering changes in me, discovering my feelings, keeping myself healthy and happy, liking myself.
  2. Relationship with Family Members: The roles of family members, ways for family members to help each other, rules in the family, ways the family can enjoy life together.
  3. Relationship in School and the Neighborhood: Importance of having friends, rules in friendship, making school a better and safer place, rules in the neighborhood.
  4. Relationship with My Community: What community offers people, rules in the community, ways that family and community help each other, making the community a safe and enjoyable place.
  5. Relationship with My Environment: Taking care of plants, pets and other animals, ways to make the environment beautiful, understanding how the environment affects people.


Guide to Effective Parenting: Because effective parenting is as hard as it sounds, we meet the oftentimes exhaustive challenge of being a parent with a curriculum designed for you. This book will give insight and understanding in being a parent making the time consuming lifestyle of parenting easier to understand more rewarding.

Included is an Assessment Tool. This will greatly help to best contextualize topics best suited to your parenting style.


  • Early Childhood Education Manuals: Designed for preschool administrators, principal and board members.
  • Rhymes, Poems, Songs for Preschoolers: These collections follow different themes form Self, Family, Community and Universe.
  • Stories and Flashcards: Bible stories and pictures to introduce basic reading for children.


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