Become a Partner

Join us on the mission to educate children and prevent poverty from becoming the opportunity. Generational poverty is a cycle of disadvantage that can be broken by a nurturing Early Childhood Education environment.

WE WELCOME YOU to become a community preschool partner!

  • Do you have a heart focus to set up your own Early Childhood Education Program?
  • Are you in an indigent community where quality education in non-existent or unaffordable?
  • You already have set-up your own Early Childhood Education program but you don’t have: A Good Christian curriculum, Quality books, an education resource that follows the latest trend in Early Childhood Education?
  • You don’t need a PhD to figure it out. You don’t need a degree in Education to move forward and make this difference. We will help you initiate, develop and sustain an Early Childhood Education program. We will continue to work with you in establishing and educating teachers from right within your own community or church team.

Why engage in Early Childhood Education?

  • It has Biblically been said …“Train up a child in a way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”.
  • The importance of early childhood education cannot be over emphasized. The formative years from zero to six in children are the most significant and formative years.
  • An investment in quality early learning is essential to our nation’s education and economic success. Research shows that the return on public investment in high quality early childhood education is substantial.
  • Research shows that children who experienced Early Childhood Education are better Learners. They are more prepared to face the challenge of grade 1 curriculum.
  • Early Childhood Education program is also an effective strategy for sharing the Gospel and transforming communities for Christ.

Here Is How You Can Meet The Challenge

1. Purchase Our Publications

And in doing so – join us in our ministry to help indigent children. Every book that you buy helps to underwrite the cost of operating our ministry, provides you with a professional teaching curriculum, and will make your school an automatic partner of MMP ministry for indigent children. We are consistently active and involved in areas we develop early childhood programs. With the premise of a Social Enterprise, selling our publications help alleviate the cost of doing ministry.

2Avail Of Our Consultancy Program in ECE.

Types of partnerships in Early Childhood Education include:


Benefits Include:

a. 10% discount in all MMP training

b. 5% discount in all MMP ECE materials

c. 15% discount in all MMP publications


Benefits Include:

a. 15% discount in all MMP training

b. 10% discount in all MMP ECE materials

c. 15% discount in all MMP publications

3. PRESCHOOL PARTNERSHIP (socialized fee)

A. Technical Services:

1. Assistance in the preparation/setting-up/enrichment of the preschool

2. Assistance in conducting parents’ orientation.

4.  Parents’ development program

4.1 Assists in the organization of parents’ / teachers’ fellowship

4.2 Seminars for parents and caregivers

4.3 Family day special

5. Networking opportunities

6. Classroom visitations and coaching

7. Training/Seminar for teachers/staff

7.1 Three-day early childhood education seminar (Level 1 and 2)

7.2 Two-day practical ECE training

7.3 Quarterly seminars (Refresher Courses)

7.4 On-the-job training

7.5 Exposure to DAP schools

7.6 Special seminars

Additional: (Subjected to existing policies)

1. Free for 2 official teachers only (official-duly recognized teachers/admin. staff, principal and board members).

2. If more than 2 staff is attending, others will pay less 20% of the seminar fee.

3. The training is inclusive of 1 set of handouts and 2 certificates; food served is exclusive in all seminars.

4. Preschool exposure – if the school is sending more than 2 teachers, additional teacher will pay Php.100.00 for the exposure. However, prior arrangement is needed for this activity.

B. Master Copies of Early Childhood Education Materials:

     1.  Curriculum (1st to 4th quarter)

     2.  Teacher’s Manual, Flashcards and Story Books

     3.  ECE Program Instructional Kit

     4.  Children’s Musical Tape

     5.  Compilation of Songs, Poems & Rhymes

     6.  Story Stretchers

     7. ECE Program Manual

C. Support Services

     1. Discounted guidance services

     2. Access to library/resource center

     3. Access to any special donation or services

     4. % Discount in selected MMP publication

     5. Discounted Field Trips

4. Contracting Services

Guidelines Include:

  1.  Commitment to support Mission Ministries Philippines ministry to the poor by using the publications for 5 years.
  2. Willingness to promote MMP’s publications to other schools and avails of some commissions that go towards your ECE institution.
  3. Minimum order of 50 Books (any title).


Please Contact Mission: Child Care – Mission Ministries Philippines for more details or set up a consultation appointment.

Location: 54 Sct. Madriñan St., South Triangle, Quezon City  /  Phone: +63.2.8470.7900

Email:  /  Website:


Before you get started please review some of these steps we require and fill out the form below. In preparing to help initiate a program in your area the following will be included:

  1. We will conduct a feasibility study (see attached form).
  2. Help you apply for legal identity:

Dept. Educ. (GPR 4 – for requirements)

  1. Brgy. Permit for community based (see sample)
  2. DTI (SEC 25 Education Act 1982)
  3. DSWD for Day Care
  4. Help you identify committed teacher (Preferably member of the church).
  5. Help you form Preschool Board (at least 5 who will serve as working Board).
  6. Help you make budgetary projections for three years (application form).
  7. Schedule to invite Mission Ministries Philippines for Ocular Inspection.
  8. We will ask you to sign a contract for our services.
  9. Require you to attend our seminars (see year-round seminar flyer by linking here).
  10. Require you to attend Partner’s Orientation as scheduled.