A Journey to Transformational Leadership – Dr. Chonabelle Domingo Doctoral Achievement

A graduation is a commendable event. It marks the end of a long journey. And the beginning of another chapter. And every journey tells a lot of stories. There are no journeys without challenges, setbacks, and trials.

 Studying would be one of the most challenging experiences Ms. Chonabelle Domingo faced. She embarked on this journey as part of her being the leader of Mission Ministries Philippines. As the former President and founder of MMP the late, Dr. Stewart De Boer encouraged her to further her studies.

 And who wouldn’t be inspired to take your Doctoral degree when your first class is a tour of Jerusalem. A once-in-a-lifetime experience. But just like the story of Jerusalem, it was not a smooth road to travel. It has its highs and lows.  Just like Moses on whom Ms. Domingo compares her pilgrimage.

 Ms. Domingo finished her degree in DTL or Doctoral in Transformational Leadership. But for her DTL means Divine Transformation of the Lord. In her statement in the dedication and acknowledgment of her paper, she said that it is a humbling transformation of her character as His child and humble servant. This has brought her to her knees to be fully reminded that Jesus is Lord. “ Without Him, I am Nothing, and He is everything! To God be all the glory, honor, and praise” she continues.

Ms. Domingo further said that having a Doctoral attached in her name is just a bonus from God. What is more important are the lessons she has learned from this.

Her paper will be published in Bethel Bible Seminary School’s journal. Dr. Natalie Chan, her adviser, believes in the work MMP is doing and she wants the world to know how early childhood education transform lives.