Inquiry-Based Approach in Preschool Education

Date: September 14, 2024 (1pm to 5pm) Empower children to foster their natural curiosity through a method that enhances their ability to explore, reflect, and ask questions. By encouraging them to think outside the box, we nurture critical thinking skills Read more

Supporting Early Literacy and Language Development

Date: January 25, 2025 (1pm to 5pm) The initial five years of a child’s life represent a crucial period that lays the foundation for their early literacy and language development. Discover effective strategies that both educators and parents can employ Read more

Revitalizing your Sunday School Classes

Date: March 15, 2025 (1pm to 5pm) Research underscores that for children to be holistically nurtured through Sunday school classes, they cannot be relegated to passive and sterile environments. Registration Fee: Php500 (includes E-handouts and certificate   Please click to Read more