Raising the Child’s Higher Order Thinking Skills

Date: October 14, 2023 (1pm-5pm via Zoom) Learning is more than repeating a list of fact, answering Yes or No, memorization but making sense of information, compare, analyse, make inference, in short adapting a higher thinking skills. Learning to think critically is a life skill. Registration Fee: Php500 (includes handouts and E-certificate)

Building Blocks for Children’s Financial Literacy

It’s never too soon to start teaching children about personal finance. Children young as they are can learn financial literacy. Learn some basic skills that will set the stage for their good future. Registration Fee: Php500 (includes handouts and E-certificate)

Spiritual Formation of Children

Children have an inborn and fully present capacity to connect with God. They are divinely hardwired to relate to the Divine. However, Christians are still lost on how to foster the spirituality of children. Learn some practical steps and skills to set the stage in having a relation with God young as they are! Registration […]